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Monday, December 6, 2010

Daily Trends!!!
  • ↑ SPX - S&P 500
  • ↑ RUT - Russell 2000
  • ↑ NDX -Nasdaq 100
  • ↓ VIX -Volatility S&P 500
  • ↑ BKX -KBW Bank Index
  • ↓ /DX -Dollar Futures
  • ↑ /GC -Gold Futures
  • ↑ /SI -Silver Futures
  • ↑ /HG - Copper Futures
  • ↑ TNX - CBOE Interest Rate 10 Year Note
  • ↑ TLT - iShares Barclays 20+ Year Treasury Fund
  • ↓ NFLX - NetFlix, inc.
  • ↑ AAPL - Apple, inc.
  • ↑ AMZN -, inc
  • ↑ WY - Weyerhaeuser co.

Changes today are TLT going bullish

I have eliminated the 3x ETF's because of inconsistent results when I back tested them last night. In order to increase profits on these ETF's very tight trailing stops are required with the system I use for the Trendfinder. The Bullish ones did great, but the bearish ones should not be traded with this system unless you have a very sound money management plan. All trades should be based on a sound system, but these ETF's require a lot more attention then your normal stocks. One of the most notable part of any plan is using proper stops, it makes a huge difference in the bottom line when used correctly.

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